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Conferences, Workshops, Schools Presentations and Training Institutes November 1997 – To Date.

For the past 18 years, I have spent most of my time in schools talking with students, over 70,000 of them and with 15,000 counselors, educators, administrators and parents. Whether I am in New York, California, Ohio or Florida, I collect the same information from students – whether in public, private, parochial, rural, suburban or inner city schools. Children are hurting! The level of malevolence is very painful for millions of children. Studies indicate that American schools harbor nearly six million children who identify themselves as bulliers, targets or both.

Below are links to lists of most of the schools where I have spoken, conferences that I have addressed and training institutes that I have conducted. Most of the teacher trainings have taken place at the schools where I have worked with students. Click on the links above for a complete listing.


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I believe that there are five kinds of bullying – physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and cyberbullying. My purpose is to empower students with their own collective wisdom. By the end of an hour children have a clearer picture of why students become bullies, how some students are singled out for taunting, strategies for dealing with bullying behavior and the role of the witness in the daily power struggles that permeate our schools. Children also want to discuss sibling bullying, the special ways that girls bully each other and opportunities to make amends with students they have hurt. They have profound insights about this subject and are eager to share their thoughts and feelings.

My goal is to speak with as many groups of educators, principals, counselors, parents, grandparents and community leaders as possible to help them understand how serious this issue is and to give them strategies for prevention and intervention. Since at least 25% of the bulliers have a criminal record by the age of 30, we have an obligation to society to give the bulliers, as well as the targets and witnesses, the help they need.

I conduct one-hour Student Empowerment Sessions, Inservice Trainings for educators and school personnel, Seminars for parents and community leaders and Train the Trainer Institutes.

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