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What Educators & Parents Say About SuEllen Fried

“It is not often that a speaker makes a significant impact on students and their behavior. Your presentation to our sixth graders made a noticeable difference. As reflected in the enclosed evaluations, the students took your message to heart. Teachers have noticed a positive difference in how the students treat one another and a greater sensitivity to each others’ feelings.”

– Marlene M. David, Head of School – Marshall Preparatory School.

“I have heard nothing but good feedback after your presentations to the boys, faculty, and parents at Gilman. Your message was so very relevant and your presentation so skilled that you had captive audiences at every level.”

– R. Leith Herrmann, Lower School Head – Gilman School

“I could not allow another minute to go by without pausing to convey my heartfelt appreciation to you for delivering such a stirring keynote address… Several people commented about your presentation long after it was over. Your message and your book will leave an indelible impact in the hearts of many.”

– Judith J. Carter, Senior Vice President – Boys and Girls Clubs of America

“Immediately after your first session with students, two boys came to our planning room to talk about when they had bullied and when they had witnessed bullying. Their responses were strong; they demonstrated empathy for their victims and committed to becoming friendly… You have provided us with vocabulary, heightened sensitivity and strategies for helping children.”

– Sarah F. Carter, Principal – Park Street School

“I was impressed with the children’s interest, experiences, and sharing of some quite significant ideas and feelings… Clearly you conveyed that you wanted to hear what they had to say and your empathetic responses enabled them to go “below the surface” in their thinking and talking. I was struck by how much “bullying” does occur even in a school in which I previously would have said that this was not an issue.”

– Doug Weinstock, Principal – Winn Brook School

“Thanks to your and your presentation at our school… Since the implementation of this program, bullying in our school has dropped dramatically. Students have a sense of feeling safer and more respected than ever before. This has all happened because of your sincere dedication, your wisdom, and your true caring for the younger people.”

– Phillip M. Hackett, Principal – Edwin H. Green Intermediate School

“This is a must read for teachers, social workers, parents, anyone who lives with, works with, or cares about children. The authors have captured and present not just facts but the myriad feelings associated with the abuses dealt out by bullies.”

– Vera Albright LSCSW, School Social Worker

“Bullies and Victims” is a “must read” for classroom teachers and college students preparing to become teachers as well as for parents. In this book, SuEllen Fried and Paula Fried have provided faculty and students on our Teacher Education program with a solid knowledge base which we consider essential preparation to create an effective, healthy classroom environment.”

Blanche Soland, Ph.D. , Professor of Education – Park University, Parkville, MO

“It was the most captivating and necessary presentation for children I’ve seen in my 27 years of teaching.”

– Sandra Hubbard, 5th grade teacher – Overland Park, KS

“SuEllen Fried touched the souls of the students at our middle school. Every student has at some time witnessed the cruelty of a bully in action or observed the pain of a victim. SuEllen’s presentation was the crown in our conflict resolution unit and her true-life examples were unforgettable. We have incorporated many of her ideas into our curriculum and are committed to infusing our school with the spirit of kindness and caring. Thanks to SuEllen, we are better equipped to do that.

– Alice Spencer, Guidance Counselor – New Jersey

“SuEllen’s presentation was a watershed for our students. We now refer to situations in our school as ‘before SuEllen’ and ‘after SuEllen’.”

– Karen Carnes, Guidance Counselor
– Pleasant Ridge Middle School, Shawnee Mission, KS

“The work of SuEllen and Paula Fried is compelling testimony that bullying can no longer be justified as a rite of passage for millions of students. The Frieds have impressed upon our school community the necessity of intervening with bullies, supporting victims and empowering the witnesses to bullying. This book is essential reading for everyone who works with children, especially at the elementary and middle school levels.”

– Michael McDermott, Principal – Scarsdale Middle School, Scarsdale, NY

“This clearly written book is concise and to the point… Concrete advise is given to parents, educators and therapists to help ameliorate bullying and victimization.”

– Bette Blau, ADTR; Debra Reicher, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Every parent of a school age child should read this book. Every grandparent of a school age child should read this book. All children deserve an available, informed adult to help them through the school yard battle.”

– Elizabeth B. Barker-Smith, M.D., Psychiatrist

“As a parent of a school-age child, this book has been a godsend. Being bullied is every child’s nightmare; and the experience leaves deep scars. In Bullies and Victims, SuEllen Fried and Paula Fried give us the answers to how we can help our children handle this devastating trauma.”

– Sue Lamczyk, Parent

“The evaluations received from participants indicate they very much enjoyed and benefited from your presentation. Some of the comments we received in the evaluations included, ‘What a great speaker’…’she gave me hope-useful strategies to work on a huge problem’…’I was completely engaged’,,,’dynamic and motivational’. I could go on to list many similar comments, but the “A” grade you received also tells the tale of a very powerful speaker.”

– Candace Hunter, Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Conference Committee, Reno, NV.

“Many parents feel powerless to do anything about the bullying of their children, fearing that intervention will only make matters worse. I am grateful for the concrete solutions this book provides for parents and the blueprint for entire communities to adopt to reduce the devastation of bullying.”

– Carolee Jones, Parent

“Mrs. Fried’s message on how to treat others and the consequences if you don’t (i.e. Columbine), transcended all age groups. She touched the heart and the intellect so effectively, the students were visibly changed and parents and teachers left with tears in their eyes. Children who had been bullying or quarreling actually stood up in front of their grade and apologized to their peers. I have never witnessed a presentation so powerful.. There is no doubt the children left better students and will be better human beings for the rest of their lives.”

– Leslie Roberts, Parent, All Saints School, Tyler, TX

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